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Vanessa Morgan
Rachel. 23. California.
this is a Vanessa Morgan edits and gifs blog
I am not Vanessa Morgan.
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She's the girl next door. Nice, but naughty, a heart that's pure.

Thanks @marinegrigoryan for always doing the best job on my hair #besthairdresserinLA #color#press - @vanmorgano

#memorymonday February hikes in Palm Springs - @vanmorganxo


Nathan Mackinnon & Vanessa Morgan


Nathan Mackinnon & Vanessa Morgan

why am i not in the corner making out with somebody?


the official wrap for Jesse Henderson and Vanessa Morgan. their last shot of the season. Jesse is a truly epic hugger. almost suffocated our main character. (photo by Terri Minsky)

Fun double bday celebrations last night in Halifax - @vanmorganxo

New episode of #findingcarter tonight. Congrats to everyone for the season 2 pickup ! - @vanmorganxo

When me and my boyfriends mom were accidentally matching at his birthday party this weekend ahaha #twinning - @vanmorganxo

my sister @celinamziray #overalls - @vanmorganxo

At giggys retirement with Morgsy ! - @mackinnon29

Nashville.. It’s been fun… - @vanmorganxo

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